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Who are we? What about us?  I guess the politically correct description would be: Boxer Lovers Rescue is a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization.  Keeping it real description would be more like - Boxer Lovers is just that - a group of people from all walks of life that love Boxers!!  Through that love we all share for this goofball breed, we have chosen to work together to do what we can to help improve the life of those boxers in need.

Working together, we have a network of boxer lovers across several states that allows us to help hundreds of boxers each year.  Boxer Lovers is based out of Kuna, Idaho with a small 12 run indoor/outdoor temperature controlled  kennel and foster homes in Idaho, Utah, and Montana.

As well as covering our home states, we also transport boxers out of Texas and New Mexico shelters.  We do take owner surrenders when space is available.

Boxer Lovers is funded by adoption fees, occasional small grants and the generous donations from boxer lovers like yourself.
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