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So You Want To Adopt?

Please Think Before You Leap

While we believe there is no breed better than a Boxer, we also know the Boxer is not the right dog for everyone. Before moving forward, be sure you have the time, energy, and resources available to care for a Boxer long term.

If you have never lived with a Boxer, we strongly recommend that you start with fostering.


Is A Boxer Right For You?

The fact that you are adopting means you're a responsible and caring person, but before you make that decision, ask yourself:
Do I have what it takes to have a Boxer in my life?

Are you easily grossed out? While a Boxer is known for their playful puppy-like personality, they can also pass gas that has been known to clear a room, slobber, drool, snore, and be quite stubborn at times.

How important is personal space? Living with a boxer means you will never know what personal space is again. With their curious nature, they insist on knowing everything that is going on and will often offer some boxer assistance that you could do without. Boxers are affectionate and more than happy to give out as many wet, sloppy kisses they can. A boxer cannot imagine you not wanting to share everything with them.

Do you work 10 hour days?  While all dogs love their people, the Boxer thrives on being with their people. They crave affection and attention. They do not do well being left alone.

Time, Commitment, Training Boxers are intelligent and high-energy dogs. They love hard and play hard. Without the time and commitment to training, daily exercise, and activities that challenge the boxer, you can have a real nightmare on your hands. Bored boxers will find things to entertain themselves - whether it be digging holes, tearing up the flower bed, chew up shoes, or destroy your furniture. There have been many couches lost to a bored and lonely boxer.

Can you afford medical emergencies? If you have a boxer in your life, you will need to be prepared for unplanned vet visits. Boxers are genetically predisposed to cancers such as lymphomas, mast cell tumors and hemangiosarcomas. Heart murmurs and cardiomyopathy are genetic disease found with Boxers. Other health issues commonly found with Boxers is cushings, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Seizures, Allergies, Thyroid, and Degenerative Myelopathy.

Are you patient and willing to put in a bit of work? Our boxers come to us from shelters where they may of been surrendered or picked up as a stray and nobody came for them, were listed on craigslist or other online sites, or surrendered to us by owners no longer able to care for them for many different reasons. The condition they arrive in ranges from well cared for to neglected, to abused. Some have been trained, while most know very little. Each one has its own quirks and no matter where they came from, there is always an adjustment period when they go into a new home. If you can be patient and work with your new family member to help them be the best they can be you will never regret it. There is nothing like true boxer love!!

Furever means Forever

Yes, we know we sound like a broken record, but walk through the many shelters we do, look into the eyes of so many boxers sitting alone and scared and you will understand why.

Many of our boxers have already paid the price for people who did not think through the responsibilities, the time needed, the importance of understanding the breed, and commitment needed when bringing a Boxer into their life.

Please do not make that same mistake - Think Before You Adopt!

We would love to bring a little wiggle to your life but only if furever means forever.
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