the process

We understand the excitement in wanting to add a boxer to your family but we ask for your patience so we can help you find the right boxer.

We really do keep the process as simple as we can, however please understand that the time it takes to adopt can vary depending on whether we have a boxer that will fit with your family


The first step is completing the adoption application.  You will want to do the application from a computer and not your phone.   Applications submitted from a phone do not always process through.  Yes, it is frustrating for us as well and we hope to have a fix soon.  When you submit the application you will get a thank you page.  If a thank you page does not show then the application did not process and you will need to resubmit.


We will attempt contact to the number listed on application 3 times with a minimum of 24 hours between each attempt.  A voicemail will be left when allowed on each attempt.

After 3rd attempt, an email will be sent to email listed on application advising the applicant we have attempted contact and if we do not hear from them the application will be closed in 72 hours.


We do contact every application we receive.  We do try to contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application but there are times when it is just not possible.  Keep in mind, we are all volunteers with full time jobs and our own families to care for.  At the latest, we will attempt to reach you the weekend after the application is submitted.

During the phone interview, we will go over your application, talk about your family and boxers. This is also a great time for you to ask any questions you might have.


After your phone interview, one of our volunteers in your area will arrange to come out to your home and meet your family.   Don't worry, we aren't there to see if the dishes are done or all the beds made--I guarantee you mine aren't.  We just need to know our boxers will be in a safe environment.  

Boxer Lovers does not adopt on a first come, first serve basis.  Doing so, would only be setting our boxers up for failure.  We work hard to ensure boxers and families are well matched.  It is in the best interest of the boxer and adopting family

If you happen to live in an area where we do not have a volunteer close, we have other options like having pictures sent in or doing a skype call.


We will not leave you hanging.  We will let you know whether your application is approved.  If there is something preventing it from being approved, we will tell you why.


Assuming everything has went well and your application is approved, we will start looking for a boxer that we feel is a good fit for your family.  We will then discuss the boxer with you and offering the boxer for adoption.  If you agree on the boxer, we will proceed.  If for whatever reason do not feel the boxer is a good match then we just keep looking.

We do not just forget about you--once you are on our approved adopter list we will be looking for possible matches and if you happen to see one you think might fit, please let us know and we can discuss it.


So we have found the boxer for your family-yah!  You will receive 2 emails to the email listed on your application.  The first one is the adoption agreement that you will read and sign.  The second one is an invoice for the adoption fee from paypal.  The invoice is time sensitive and will expire in 48 hours.  


With our boxers being in different states, there is a good chance they may be in a foster home located in another state (we let you know where the boxer is prior to adopting).  If the boxer is local you can pick him/her up at anytime.  If the boxer is in another area, you can make the drive to pick the boxer up or we can work on getting the boxer transported.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee a certain date or time on the transport.  You will need to be flexible!!!!  Once a transport is put together we will contact you with the details--if you do not accept the transport, it will then be your responsibility to make arrangements on getting your boxer.  

Most rescues require you to pick up the boxer regardless of the distance.  We hate to see miles stand in the way of a boxer having a loving home.  While it is not required, if you would like to help us be able to continue offering transport you can make a donation to our transport program funds here.

Whether you are picking the boxer up or the boxer is being transported you will need to have in hand a martingale collar and leash.  The boxer will not be released without them.  We ask you to have a martingale collar as they prevent boxers being able to slip out of their collar if spooked.