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Adoption Process

So You Want To
Adopt Your New Best Friend

We understand the excitement in wanting to add a boxer to your family but we ask for your patience so we can help you find the right boxer.

Boxer Lovers does not adopt on a first come, first serve basis. Doing so, would only be setting our boxers up for failure. We work hard to ensure boxers and families are well matched. It is in the best interest of the boxer and adopting family.

Please understand that the time it takes to adopt a boxer is going to depend greatly on the boxers we currently have available and what you are looking for in a boxer. Do not get your hopes up on that cute brindle or that white boy that looks just like the one you had. They may have the looks but be the absolute worst match for your family.

Just as each of our Boxers are different, so are our adopters. We try to look at every application based on its own merits. While for the most part we avoid blanket rules, there are a few policies that we will not bend on.

  • Female/Female - we have heard it all and yes we agree there are many female boxers that have lived together for years with no issues. However, at the same time we also know there are way more that do not. They may go years with no issues and then that day comes that changes everything. It is ugly, scary, traumatizing, and dangerous.  Once it starts, there is no returning back to anything normal. At this point, one of these boxers is going to lose everything they know and love - it is not a risk we are willing to take. We will not adopt a female Boxer to anybody already having a female living in the home. PLEASE don’t ask!!


  • All dogs living in the home must be spayed/neutered. The only exception is when this would put the dogs life at risk or you have an active show dog.

  • We do not accept invisible fencing.  Many of our dogs will take the jolt and go right thru plus while they are designed to keep dogs in, it does not stop other animals from coming in,


Please remember - we are all volunteers. This is not a job. We do not get paid. We do this because we love Boxers. We all have jobs, families, and our own boxers that need us as well. We will contact you as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience.

  • We will not discuss any particular dog if you have not yet submitted an adoption application. We get hundreds of emails, texts, phone calls daily asking questions on the boxers. It would take 2 full time employees to answer them all. We are volunteers and simply do not have the time. Once you submit your application one of our Adoption Team members will contact you and go over the Boxers with you.

  • As a multi state rescue, there is a good chance you will not be in the same state the boxer is being fostered. A huge percentage of our adoptions never have a meet/greet. If meeting the Boxer first is a requirement please know that we will not hold any Boxer. You would need to travel immediately to where the Boxer is located.

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