To help answer any questions you may have, we have put together what we are most asked.  
Q.  Can I adopt if I live out of state?
A.  Boxer Lovers adopts to all states in the Northwest
Q.  Can I adopt if I do not have a fenced yard?
A.  A fenced yard is not a requirement for adopting, however we do have restrictions as to the boxers we will place without a fenced yard.  
Q.  Do you adopt a female if I already have a female?
A.  While there are some females that do just fine together their entire life, this is not the norm.  Many female boxers will do great together for a short time and then they will out of nowhere start fighting.  These are not scuffles-they will hurt each other!  With that said, it is not our practice to adopt a female into a home with another large breed female.  It just is not worth the chance of one of them getting hurt.
Q.  Can I come meet the boxers?
A.  We do not have a facility where all the boxers are in one location like a shelter.  Our boxers are in homes just like yours or mine.  Once your application is approved and there is a boxer being fostered locally or if you want to travel to where the boxer is, we are happy to arrange a meet/greet.  We will not transport a boxer for a meet/greet
Q.  Where do you get the boxers?
A.  Some are pulled from shelters where they were picked up as a stray and their family never came to get them.  Some are surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them due to a death, change in living situation, health, etc... and others may have been listed on ad sites like craigslist, facebook groups or ksl.
Q.  I just put my application in and want this boxer, will you hold her until my application is approved?
A.  Sorry, we cannot hold boxers.  We suggest if you are thinking about adding a boxer to your family to get your application in so you'll be approved when you are ready.
Q.  Can I adopt if my dog is not neutered or spayed?
A.  That would depend on why your dog is not fixed. As a general rule we do require all dogs in the home to be spayed/neutered, however if there is a documented medical reason as to why they are not altered that poses a risk to their life, we will consider your application.