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We first met Jackson in 2018 when his parents started fostering.  He was around 12 or 13 at the time.  Having grown up with boxers, he was no stranger to the breed.  


Through the years Jack has never hesitated to jump right in and help with whatever is needed done. He has walked dogs, poopi scooped, cleaned kennels, worked events, helped unload transports, given baths, bottle fed puppies, 

done dog introductions, helped with socializing and training, taken pictures for the boxers profile, and has been a big contributor to fostering 23 boxers with his family.

If he had to pick one thing, his favorite hands down would be helping with training and teaching hand signals to deaf boxers.  He always tends to navigate towards those that know nothing or have that lost look in their eyes.  He has a calmness about him that the boxers love and respond too.  


His 2nd would be working at events to spread awareness about the rescue and how many boxers are still out there needing help.  He wants everyone to know that the memories you will make as a family are unforgettable for not only you
but the boxers as well.


When Jack is not helping with the rescue 


he is out enjoying life with his family and their 4 boxers - Bronson, Sammy, Hope & Buddy.  He enjoys going camping, snowboarding and going to car shows.

Jack is a junior at Owyhee High School in Star Id.  He just 

recently enlisted in the Army National Guard and leaves for boot camp in June.


Jack is a valued volunteer and and a great example for other youths to follow. We are not only thankful for the many hours he has given to help but are honored to have him as part of our team.  

With the rescue you build a 2nd family and we are proud of this young man and know that he will always succeed in the journeys ahead and will always be a strong voice for those boxers still waiting.

Jack, we want to say thank you for all that you do!  We need 10 more just like you.

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