There is no paid staff - we are all volunteers!  

To help things run a little smoother, the rescue is grouped into different teams focusing on one area.  Without volunteers these boxers would not have the chance to the life they deserve.

As a volunteer you will be joining a great team of boxer lovers with different levels of experience working together in doing all that we can to help as many boxers as we can.

Whether you can help only a few hours a week to several hours a day or maybe only once a month, there is always something you can do.  

Take a look at our teams - let us know what interests you or if you have this burning idea that you think will help the boxers, we are always open to new and creative idea's.  Lets talk...

Boxer Lovers is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's Fund, helping to achieve a no-kill nation

Boxer Lovers Rescue

PO Box 441

Kuna, ID 83634

ph: 208-779-2114

fax: 208-907-5735

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