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We hope you will be as excited as we are to announce our newest program


You can now take a boxer on a playdate!!!
While we do our best to minimize the time any of the boxers are housed at the kennels, provide daily enrichment, and spend a good amount of time with them, the bottom line is the kennels can be noisy, confining, and stressful.

Playdates will allow the boxer to take time away from the kennels.  You can take them for a car ride, take a long walk, go for a run, or hang out at your house to play in the backyard or maybe a long snooze on the couch.  Boxers love adventures!  Even just an hour away will greatly reduce stress levels and we can learn more about their behavior in a different environment. The more we know helps them get adopted.

Playdate SOP

Playdates can be for a minimum of 1 hour to an all day adventure.  Dogs can be checked out as early as 9AM and all dogs will need to be returned no later than 6:30PM as dinner will be waiting.
(we are working on starting slumber parties with the boxers soon)

You will need to review the Playdate SOP's, and schedule your playdate.  Please schedule atleast 24 hours in advance to be sure somebody will be there to get you signed in.  You can go to our Boxers Needing A Foster page to see who is at the kennels.  We will need a signed waiver and copy of your DL. 

Get signed up today!

Playdate SOP

We will provide a martingale collar, harness, and leash for the playdate.  There are also adoption vests and bandanas that the dog can wear while you are out on the town.  You can take some business cards with you to give out if anybody is interested in adopting or volunteering.



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