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We understand that sometimes life changes leave us having to make difficult choices and rehoming your boxer cannot be an easy decision.  Our fear is that someone will give or sell their boxer to a stranger as we know the risk of your boxer being placed into an unhealthy or abusive home is a possibility - we have heard horror stories!

Boxer Lovers can offer peace of mind in that your boxer will always be cared for.  All boxers are placed into loving foster homes while a forever home is found.  We will make sure any medical needs are taken care of.  We carefully select the home that is going to be able to best meet the boxers needs.

Boxer Lovers makes a lifetime commitment to each of our boxers.  If for any reason an adopter can no longer care for the boxer, they will come back to us.  

Boxer Lovers however cannot take on any Boxers with aggression issues.  As a foster based rescue, we simply are not equipped for this behavior.  The majority of our foster homes also have children and other dogs and the few that do not are full.  

We do ask that you complete a Surrender Application to provide us with information that may help your Boxers transition easier


Fill out a surrender form

We need you to fill out as much of the surrender form as you can.  There is no such thing as too much information.  This information not only helps us with placing in a foster home but also in their forever home.  Knowing as much as possible about your boxer helps make their transition easier.  We will also need you to attach a couple of current pictures to the surrender form.


Review surrender form

Once we receive the surrender form, and if we have any questions we will contact you to clarify.  We need to determine if the boxer is a good fit for our rescue and available foster homes.  Boxer Lovers cannot accept any boxer that has severe human and/or animal aggression.  We take our fosters safety seriously and will not put them at risk of getting hurt.


Schedule Pick Up

A member of our Intake Team will contact you to discuss options on picking your boxer up.  


Picking Up Boxer

On the day of pick up you will need to sign an owner release form

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